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Beds & Carriers Category

NEW Sleepypod Air and Atom Pet Carriers

Sleepypod AirĀ 

Is an innovative solution to the many restrictions on pet carriers by airlines. It provides versatility through flexibility. It’s guaranteed to provide your petcomfort while traveling in any form of transportation.





Sleepypod AtomĀ 
This modern pet carrier is great for everyday use. It’s an adapted version from the Sleepypod Air offering a smaller size, convenient for day to day use.



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Featured Product: Doggie Cots

Comfy and cozy elevated beds for pets

Doggie Cots got its start in late 2013. Thanks to help from sponsors, they constructed more than 45 doggie cots that were donated to Kansas City metropolitan area animal shelters. The shelters were in desperate need for elevated dog beds to keep the pups off of the cold, sometimes wet and dirty, floors.

As you know, animal shelters rely on charitable donations to rescue animals and care for them. Doggie Cots donated several beds to various fundraisers to …

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Tips for Your New BuddyRest Bed

Most dogs will fall in love with the super soft blissful comfort of their new BuddyRest bed right away. However, just like a new mattress for yourself, there can be an acclimation period for your animal when they get their new bed. Memory foam can be a little strange at first and it can take a few nights to a week or so before they understand that this is their new heavenly haven. It can be difficult to break bad habits like allowing them to …

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