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Dogs Category

Employee Product Pick- Alzoo (All Natural)

“Alzoo is a great natural alternative for flea and tick prevention. They have collars, spot on applications and even a spray repellent that can be utilized when taking your dot to unknown or heavily wooded areas.”
– Jon, Manager

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Employee Product Pick- Canna Companion


“Canna Companion utilizes the whole hemp plant to keep Karma thinking and feeling her best. Since she’s been taking this supplement, she’s been less grumpy, more active and rocking her senior years!” – Morgan

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Why You Shouldn’t Shave Your Dog In Summer

Holistic Care/ By Julia Henrigues 

It’s hot and sticky across most of North America at this time of year. I have two Samoyeds and they would far prefer the temperatures to be at the other end of the spectrum. Anything over 40° is hotter than they’d like.

Winter is definitely “their season.”  So yes, they do feel the heat in summer. But, in answer to all the people who stop me on the street to ask me if I’m going to “shave …

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