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Bone & Joint Category

NEW Canna Companion Product

Canna Companion 

This product is the result of 15 years of research, incorporating scientific principles, veterinary medicine and pharmacology. Canna Companion can be a holistic care addition to your dog or cats life.

It is a unique blend of Cannabis sativa strains, or more commonly known as hemp. But Canna Companion is scientifically designed to enhance the medical benefits of the Cannabis plant without the unnecessary side effects of THC.

The capsules offer omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin B6, which increases bioavailability. …

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Raw Pet Food Diets Part 3 of 3

Raw pet food diets have gotten a bad reputation over the years. In this final video of the 3 part series, Dr. Bleaker explains why these bad reps are unjustified.

As pet owner’s, we put a great amount of trust in our veterinarians, so if your vet doesn’t share the enthusiasm of the raw food diet change as much as Dr. Bleaker, don’t be so quick to quit.

Homemade raw food diets, and pre-determined, specified and guided raw food diets are not the same. When …

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Raw Pet Food Diets Part 2 of 3

What is optimal nutrition for dogs and cats? Two factors that heavily influence your pet’s overall health, are genetics and environment. Top nutritional goals for your pets include low-carb, high moisture, and unprocessed. All of which are what make up raw pet food.

What makes your pet sick from their food? Micro-toxins are found in grains, commonly found in your pets dry food. Salmonella, and E-Coli are also concerns of pet owners wanting to try a raw-food diet, but precautions are simple. Freeze raw …

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