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Busted: Dogs Naturally Calls Bull$hit On Prescription Diet Dog Food

Nutrition And Diet / By Dana Scott

Let’s play a little game. Let’s find out if you’re among the 60% of smart dog owners or among the 40% who really, really need to read the rest of this article.

Veterinarians reportedly place between 35% to 45% of their patients on prescription diet dog food. And dog owners apparently seem willing to follow these directions.

A 2011 Pet Food Industry survey shows 83% of dog owners believed their vet was the most important source …

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How to Recognize Animal Neglect

Animal neglect can vary from physical factors to environmental clues. Educating yourself on both types of animal neglect could help an animal in need. There are dozens of situations that could be considered neglect or abuse.

Some of the physical signs of abuse or neglect could be too-tight collars, and open wounds that could cause infection if left untreated. Parasites, skin rashes, matted coats and malnutrition are all considered neglect. Environmental clues include animals locked in cages outside with little contact and unable to move …

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Tucker’s Raw Frozen Food

Tucker’s Raw Frozen

Try the frozen raw food that is fed at Zoos around the country! Tucker’s is Human Grade, and manufactured in a Wisconsin USDA facility to ensure the highest standards of food safety and product consistency.

95% Meat, Bone and Marrow
5% Simple Pumpkin
AAFCO Compliant
100% from USA/Canada
Not a Grind

Read more about Tucker’s Raw Food nutritional value

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