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Toys & Gifts Category

NEW Zogoflex Products


The Wox Dog Toy is the best tug toy for dogs. Wox has three satisfyingly squishy legs that dogs love to squish in their teeth. It has a gentle grip perfect for both human hands and canine jaws. its unpredictable wiggle and bounce provides endless entertainment and mental stimulation for dogs.



The Boz Dog Toy is light, bouncy and soft enough for dogs to catch with their mouths. These balls have a durable exterior that will last the play of even the …

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NEW Dr.Pussums Cat Nip Product

Catnip has been a Feline favorite for ages. Cats love to roll, jump, chew, sniff, lick and
crash around with it, and Dr. Pussums pure fresh catnip is the best of the best. Catnip is a perennial herb that has a stimulating effect on cats, and perfect for play.

The sacks are hand sewn and last about 3 years before needing replaced. They come in a variety of sizes and scents. Made in Maine, you have the comfort of knowing exactly where and who is …

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NEW Tether Tug Product

Tether Tug is for great for high energy burning play for dogs. This toy is perfect for the dog that is hyper-active an always on the go. It’s the perfect toy to help your dog from getting bored, being destructive or get to an unhealthy weight.

It keeps your dog mentally and physically engaged while providing endless play time. There are both indoor and outdoor versions to keep your dog entertained no matter the weather.

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