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    • Mon-Fri 10am-7pm
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    • Sun 11am-5:30pm
    • *Bathing area closes 1/2 hour
      prior to store closing.

Pet Center

Meet Koda

We rescued our GSD in May. We took her to Four Paws and gave her a bath. She hated it but we loved it! We used the oatmeal shampoo and conditioner because she had been itchy and it helped so much. We left the store with a new toy, a new lead, dog food, cat food and cat treats…thanks to the staff and the options..this is our place now! Oh and the puppy hood did wonders for her fear of the dryer!


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Meet Halie

Our sweet Halie can to us a little on the fluffy side, 65 pounds. She should be 45. Our vet and Debbie helped us find the right food for her. After trying several types we found the right one for her. She lost 20 pounds and has remained at her ideal weight now. As an older basset hound, it’s so important for her to stay at this weight, we want to keep her in the best shape possible. She doesn’t have any back problems that …

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Meet Neeko

Hi! My name is Neeko and most would called me Husky although i’m pretty fit, running is my favorite. I am 3 years old now, and spent the first two years of my life living in Pittsburgh, PA until we moved to Olathe, KS. The weather was much nicer back east in that it was usually colder and had a lot more of the white stuff that falls from the sky. Running in the white stuff was the best! I live with 2 cats who …

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