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Pet Food


Did you know that proper nutrition can help your pet live longer, enhance their coat, keep their teeth clean and breath sweet, clear up skin ailments and even slow down or reverse the effects of arthritis? At Four Paws, it’s not just about pet food – it’s about quality of life. And a happy, healthy pet starts from the inside-out.

Four Paws Pantry & Spa carries only the highest quality pet food – always all-natural and free of by-products like high allergen grains such as soy, wheat, and corn fillers. Foods comprised mostly of plant proteins can’t provide your pet the nutrition they need to live a full, active life, but foods high in fresh meat proteins or meat meal will enable your pet to thrive. That’s why we do ongoing research on the best brands and the best varieties, including knowing where ingredients are sourced and where the food products are manufactured. Our team is committed to pursuing the knowledge and education to help find the perfect fit for your pet’s diet needs.

We carry a variety of cat and dog food options, including dry, canned and grain-free. And don’t miss our “raw” food – fresh, human-quality ingredients with little to no processing. Stop in today and let our experts help guide you to the right all-natural options for your pet.


Don’t have time to stop in to see us? Four Paws offers convenient free delivery of your pet’s food and supplies to select areas. See delivery details.