Help Link Walk Again

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Link is a rescued two year old cat who is completely paralyzed in his front legs and with limited use of his back legs. He has been fortunate to be rescued by very dedicated owners. Link needs an MRI to figure out why he is unable to walk, and his loving owners are trying to raise funds for his medicals bills. …

Save Best Choice Labels to Benefit SNKC

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SNKC has begun an exciting new fundraising program by saving the UPC symbol or barcodes taken from Best Choice products. SNKC can turn the labels into Best Choice, who will donate $.03 in exchange for each label. Those pennies can add up quickly, so please help SNKC in this effort to assist needy pets. A few products are excluded such as aluminum soda cans, milk …

In Remembrance of Vicktory Dog Lucas

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For those of you not familiar with the term “Vicktory Dogs,” it’s in reference to the rescued dogs from the notorious case of Michael Vick’s fighting dog operation. Lucas, the only dog the courts deemed unadoptable, was to live out his life in the care of Best Friends. Ironically, Lucas was the most social and well-behaved of all the dogs …

Heatstroke, a Painful Death

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If you think you are hot in the summer months, try wearing your winter jacket outside and see what it’s like for your pets. Overheating can cause your dog an agonizing death within minutes – yet it’s entirely avoidable. Please read Dr. Becker’s great informative article about heat exposure and how our pets are affected. Click for Article.

We are Expanding Our Food Selection!

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Due to the ever increasing need by our customers for single protein and limited ingredient diets for their pets, we will be adding several to our line-up. First up is Pulsar which is manufactured by Horizons Pet Nutrition, a family owned developer and manufacturer of unique, progressive and healthy premium pet foods. This manufacturer sources only the best available local …

Natura Recall

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Natura has extended a voluntary recall of all Innova, California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma branded dry pet food and biscuit/bar/treat products with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014. Click to read the letter from Natura with further information.

Wheat Free Bakery Case!

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We are pleased to announce that our bakery case is now totally wheat free! We’re also adding new special treats for your pooches. Snickerpoodles, with coconut toppings are a delicious way to say “Good Dog.” These new bakery treats are from our very own associate, Anna. She’ll be baking up more delectable treats soon, so if you wander into our store and smell the vanilla …

If You Have An Itch, Scratch It!

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By Debra Manfield, Owner Ever had an itch you couldn’t scratch? Or an itch that a scratch or two wouldn’t do? Picture your pooch or pussycat stopping mid-meal, mid-play, mid-walk, even mid-sleep to scratch, and scratch, and scratch. It’s annoying and irritating to them, and to you (don’t those jangling tags drive you nuts)! Now’s the time to figure this …

Jones Variety Bags

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Your dogs will love, love, love these body parts and you will love the price. The Variety Bag holds approximately 19 various parts, including pig ear slices, steer pizzle, pork skin rolls, and beef bully pieces priced at $10.99.  The newest bag, Ears Etc, contains a combination of 14 pig ears and pig chins (the new pig ears!) for $22.99.