Canine Cancer Prevention

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More than half of all adult dogs will die from cancer. But prevention from this deadly dog disease is possible by following five simple steps.

Canine cancer is caused by carcinogens that are not killed by your dogs natural gene that fights off cancerous cells. Changes to everyday household activities and pet care can help keep your pet cancer free.

According to an article in the 2003, by the Journal of Veterinarian Medicine, vaccines and their injection sites can contribute to canine cancer. Vaccines are also being questioned on their necessity and frequency in which they’re given, do you know the latest facts on canine vaccines?

Awareness and education are the first steps in prevention. Editor In Chief for Dogs Naturally Magazine, guides you through the process of what to know and do to keep your dog living a long and healthy life.

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*Don’t think that the numerous products not mentioned here are safe.

*the “natural” pyrethrins and pyrethroids caused double the fatalities (1,600) from 2002 to 2007 than the non-pyrethroid compounds

* There are natural products that are effective for fleas and ticks. Do your pet a favor and look for safer alternatives. Here is a simple recipe you can make and use at home.