Meet Bess and Sue Sylvester

Arielle West Pet of the Month Entries

We just moved to the area from Seattle, WA and were staying in a hotel for a week until our house was ready to move in to. We have a dog, Bess and a cat, Sue Sylvester, who have been troopers on the drive across the country.

To my dismay, I realized that I was out of my cat’s wet food and the extra cans that I had packed were misplaced somewhere in the abyss of the boxes. She is very picky about her food and will only eat one particular flavor of one brand of food, then brand in question is
aptly called ‘Fussie Cat’. I thought it would be no problem to pick up a few cans to hold us over until I could find her extra food when we unpacked. So I started calling the big chain pet stores that were close to the hotel, and after 3 stores, I started to panic since no one carried this brand.

I then went to the Fussie Cat website and looked up local places where I could find this food, and 4 Paws come up. I called 4 Paws Pantry and the person who answered the phone was wonderful. She went to double check that they carried that brand and flavor and got back to me right away. Success!

I drove right over to the store and picked up the last 7 cans of the food. When I checked out, the same person helped me who had talked to me on the phone. She even went to double check the back for more cans, and told me when their next shipment would be in. She also told me about the self-serve doggy wash and took the time to walk me through it and show me where all the supplies were. As an added bonus I got to see all the cute dogs that were there getting baths. I’ve been looking for a place to wash our dog after the long trip and now can come to just one spot for all my pet needs!

Thank you 4 Paws Pantry for solving my problems, as well as providing outstanding customer service. I feel truly welcomed to the area and am so relieved to have a local source for our pets. You’ve certainly gained 2 new customers and I will tell everyone I can about your wonderful store!

Kelly Raupach