Meet Binky

Arielle West Pet of the Month Entries

Binky was a present for my 33rd birthday. We were apprehensive about getting another dog after our last dog, a Corgi named Munchie, passed away from Addison’s Disease.

We decided to take a chance and got Binky. When we got him, the poor little baby had fleas. Once we took care of that, he then got Giardiasis, twice! I had never even known what that was before Binky got it. My vet recommended going to Four Paws for the food selection since Binky was having digestive issues from the Giardiasis. They mentioned to me that since I had been feeding him chicken, it could be contributing to inflammation. We went with Fromm and he has been doing SO much better. All digestive issues are cleared and he actually eats his new food! He was so picky before. Thank you for your help and suggestion!

P.S. Four Paws also has the BEST bully sticks for a good price!


Sarah Lindahl