Meet Dakota

Arielle West Pet of the Month Entries

I adopted Dakota from MOGS (Missouri German Shepherd Rescue) in 2010. I am also a volunteer for MOGS who does home visits for the rescue. My girl is a very loving pup to all people, not so much to other animals. I have a cat, Indigo, (whom I had first) and Dakota is still obsessed with “getting” her. I have a gate to keep them apart and to keep Indigo safe. Dakota is very smart and VERY headstrong. When I got her she was a 4-year-old with no training, manners or socialization. I had trainers come to the house to work with us (Gentle Dog Training). I have had other trainers come to help me get her over her obsession with the cat, but to no avail. People would tell me to give her back due to the cat issue, but I wouldn’t consider it. We make it work – I spend my time going back and forth between Indigo and Dakota, making sure they both get lots of love. Indigo gets to sleep with me at night, and Dakota is in her own bedroom at night (with her own couch, dog bed, radio and toys).

Everyone that comes to the door is here to see Dakota (as far as she is concerned), and everyone loves my pup.

Dakota doesn’t let me clip her nails without drama, and I’ve never tried to bathe her, but apparently she is a great client at Four Paws for her furminating bath and nail clipping. I am so glad she is a good girl there and the prices are very reasonable.

This weekend my pup has been sick to her stomach and I’ve been a mess worrying about her! I love my Dakota Pup!

Amanda Tuttle