Meet Froy

Arielle West Pet of the Month Entries

I adopted a seven year old black lab mix from the SPCA. He was being treated for heart worms and was on several different medications. He was losing his fur, dropping clumps of it on the floor and he was constantly scratching. The Vet couldn’t diagnose his problem other than dry skin. I came to Four Paws and talked to Sydney and explained my situation and I brought Froy with me so she could see the problem. She recommended a bath treatment with an oatmeal shampoo and a special conditioner. She also discussed dog food and gave me recommendations on what to put Froy on. So we did the bath and the food. My dog’s skin has improved dramatically. He doesn’t scratch now. His coat smells wonderful and is so shiny. Thank-you Sydney for all of your help!

Owner: April Beaty