Raw Pet Food Diets Part 2 of 3

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What is optimal nutrition for dogs and cats? Two factors that heavily influence your pet’s overall health, are genetics and environment. Top nutritional goals for your pets include low-carb, high moisture, and unprocessed. All of which are what make up raw pet food.

What makes your pet sick from their food? Micro-toxins are found in grains, commonly found in your pets dry food. Salmonella, and E-Coli are also concerns of pet owners wanting to try a raw-food diet, but precautions are simple. Freeze raw pet food for 24 hours before feeding, and disinfect all surfaces and serving materials used, including pet food bowls. Another precaution is to not feed your pet raw polar bear, Arctic fox or walrus. Which unless you’re Bear Grylls, shouldn’t be an option anyway.

Watch below, for the second video of the three-part series by Dr. Becker for more information on the biggest myths about raw pet food.

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