Barkworthies Treats

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Barkworthies offers a vast selection of premium quality, all-natural dog treats and chews. They seek to provide a healthy, eco-friendly alternatives to low quality ingredients and chemical additives so often found in many of today’s treats and chew. They are dedicated to making smart, healthy choices both accessible and affordable.  Additionally, Barkworthies  products are 100% digestible. We have expanded our offering to include Kangaroo steaks, …

Nutri Life Pork Grain Free Dog Food

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Nutri Life Grain Free Pork Formula Dog Food is for dog lovers who want their dogs to have a food where the ingredient panel is as appetizing for people as it is for dogs. Specially formulated with pork, fruits, vegetables, and berries to provide a complete and balanced diet for your dog. Nutri Life Grain Free Pork Formula Dog Food also contains …

Introducing a Variety of Buddyrest Beds

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We have expanded our bed selection to include a variety of types and sizes of beds from Buddyrest to keep your pet comfy and resting easy, so you can also rest easy! Buddyrest beds are also all made in the U.S.A. These beds help dogs with issues with joints, arthritis, bone weakness and hip dysplasia. Their True Comfort materials relieve discomfort and take …

Introducing Wild Calling!

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This is what you and your pet has been waiting for! Premium quality, gourmet caliber, real meat made right here in the USA and offered at a palatable price!  Wild Calling is 96% meat-rich, grain free, nutritionally-balanced food that your dog or cat will love! If you want your pet feeling satisfied and filled up with solid nutrition – if you are a …

We are Expanding Our Food Selection!

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Due to the ever increasing need by our customers for single protein and limited ingredient diets for their pets, we will be adding several to our line-up. First up is Pulsar which is manufactured by Horizons Pet Nutrition, a family owned developer and manufacturer of unique, progressive and healthy premium pet foods. This manufacturer sources only the best available local …

Wheat Free Bakery Case!

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We are pleased to announce that our bakery case is now totally wheat free! We’re also adding new special treats for your pooches. Snickerpoodles, with coconut toppings are a delicious way to say “Good Dog.” These new bakery treats are from our very own associate, Anna. She’ll be baking up more delectable treats soon, so if you wander into our store and smell the vanilla …

Jones Variety Bags

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Your dogs will love, love, love these body parts and you will love the price. The Variety Bag holds approximately 19 various parts, including pig ear slices, steer pizzle, pork skin rolls, and beef bully pieces priced at $10.99.  The newest bag, Ears Etc, contains a combination of 14 pig ears and pig chins (the new pig ears!) for $22.99.