Q&A – How do I switch my dog to a new brand of kibble?

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How do I switch my dog to a new brand of kibble? Switching to a new brand of dog food doesn’t need to be scary. Just by being patient and following an easy transition schedule should help eliminate any potential digestive issues. Here are some steps to follow to help your pup: —————————— 1. Choose the New Food: Select a …

Employee Product Pick: Dehydrated Duck Feet!

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Dehydrated Duck Feet! If you’re looking for an alternative for cleaner teeth and a tasty treat, look no further! Duck feet are digestible, high protein and low-fat source, suitable for active and growing dogs, and are nutritious as natural dog treats. Jiji here belongs to one of our staff at 4 Paws Pantry & Spa. (Stacey) Jiji has loved her …

Feeding a Rotational Diet

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Most people would get bored eating the same thing every day for the rest of their lives, so why is that how many people feed their pets? Starting a rotational feeding routine for your pet can not only keep your picky eaters interested but be an overall benefit to their health. Rotational feeding is the practice of rotating your pet’s …

Whole Food Supplements Help Round Out Your Doggies’ Diet

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Think about the food you feed your dog or cat.  It’s balanced as to their basic nutritional needs.  Some diets even elevate those basics to optimum levels, like raw food diets.  Why then should you consider supplementing that diet? Well, sometimes basic or optimal isn’t enough.  We live in a world with toxic chemicals, poor air quality, soil depletion, factory …

Six New Year Resolutions For You and Your Pet

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1. Get in Shape! – enjoy a nice stroll or a light jog with your pet. Make this part of the daily routine that you share with your pet. Visit our store and we will help you find the perfect leash for walking and/or running with your dog. Having a good quality leash will make all the difference when you’re …


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Dr. Sheila Dodson with Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center recently shared this article with us concerning the DCM issue. We found this to be a well thought out article on the topic so we wanted to share it on our website for our customers as well. Read More

Summer Sizzle

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Fun in the sun is what summertime is all about. You can finally enjoy the outdoors without having to wear a coat or worse, snow boots. Your pets can enjoy the nice weather too as long as you keep in mind that our dogs do not handle heat the same way we do. Dogs have a higher body temperature than …

Holistic Approach To Protecting Your Pet From Summer Pests

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Our companion animals like to spend all the time they can with us, and right now that means spending more time outdoors. It’s important to consider the following and take steps to prevent doing harm to our pets. Pest Busters Bloodsucking parasites can take the fun out of summer. Skin problems like fleabite dermatitis can cause dogs and cats to …