Alzoo Natural Flea and Tick Products

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New to our line up of natural flea and tick products.  Alzoo uses Geraniol, a substance from  repellent product, proven effective on fleas and ticks. Alzoo uses Geraniol, a blend of geranium and citronella oils to both kill and repel, fleas and ticks.  We are currently carrying both the spot on and the collars for both dogs and cats.

Vital Essentials Kitty Cups

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Convenient, frozen, raw entrees for cats. These meals are conveniently packed in individual serving cups. This means you can thaw each meal as needed and then just put into the bowl. Each cup is a meal for an 8lb cat. Vital Essentials® USDA Certified Pet Food is made with the finest ingredients that provide the essential, natural nutrition necessary for your …

Buddy’s Line Fusion Bowls

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Buddy’s Line offers veterinarian recommended pet-healthy designer fashion pet bowls that you and your pets will appreciate.  Buddy’s Line caters to pet owners who thrive on integrating their pets’ lives with their own. Specializing in functional and aesthetic pet accessories for the home. The Fusion Bowls are their signature line of decorative, durable pet bowls are made of a combination of veterinarian …

Ruffwear Top Rope Collar

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The unique design of this collar allows you to conveniently position the “V-ring” attachment at the top of the dog’s neck for quick leash clip-in. Ruffwear’s exclusive, all-metal Talon Buckle™ provides ballast to keep the V-ring in place at the top of the neck. Ruffwear-designed all-metal Talon Buckle™ provides ballast to keep V-ring at top of dog’s neck, allowing easy …

Ruffwear Approach Pack

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A great everyday pack with excellent performance, fit, and functionality. The Approach Pack is ideal for day hikes or overnight adventures. The padded assistance handle and top-loading stash pockets are appreciated by humans, and lightweight construction and strategic padding keep canine sidekicks comfortable over the miles. It’s recommended that your dog carry no more than 25 – 30% of their …

Washable Wonders Dog Diaper

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As your dog gets older they may start losing control over their bladder and bowels, but that can be managed with the right dog diapers. Your older dog can still lead a happy, healthy, high quality life. Incontinence is manageable, and these microfiber lined, washable dog diapers provide you with a great way to help your older dog go through …

Carna4 Treats and Food Supplement

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Flora4 Sprouted Seed Snacks Contain a sprouted seed mix along with beef liver and pumpkin to create a super-food therapeutic snack suitable for grain-free diets. These nutrition-dense biscuits are a treat and supplement all in one! Feed a handful of Flora4 biscuits to your dog each day to supply intense levels of live nutrients, bioavailable vitamins & minerals, all from …