How to Recognize Animal Neglect

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Animal neglect can vary from physical factors to environmental clues. Educating yourself on both types of animal neglect could help an animal in need. There are dozens of situations that could be considered neglect or abuse.

Some of the physical signs of abuse or neglect could be too-tight collars, and open wounds that could cause infection if left untreated. Parasites, skin rashes, matted coats and malnutrition are all considered neglect. Environmental clues include animals locked in cages outside with little contact and unable to move around with multiple pets in the limited space. A lack of food or water and animals left alone and cannot defend themselves outside.

As animal lovers, we never want to see an animal of any kind in distress or pain. Knowing these signs as well as others listed in the full article, can help prevent extreme animal cruelty cases. If you witness any of the mistreatments above, or similar examples, please contact local animal control facilities or humane organization immediately. The officials are backed by municipal, state, and federal statutes. Read more on examples of neglect and the contact information in your state.