Holistic Approach To Protecting Your Pet From Summer Pests

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Our companion animals like to spend all the time they can with us, and right now that means spending more time outdoors. It’s important to consider the following and take steps to prevent doing harm to our pets. Pest Busters Bloodsucking parasites can take the fun out of summer. Skin problems like fleabite dermatitis can cause dogs and cats to …

Busted: Dogs Naturally Calls Bull$hit On Prescription Diet Dog Food

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Nutrition And Diet / By Dana Scott Let’s play a little game. Let’s find out if you’re among the 60% of smart dog owners or among the 40% who really, really need to read the rest of this article. Veterinarians reportedly place between 35% to 45% of their patients on prescription diet dog food. And dog owners apparently seem willing to follow …

Kidney Disease in Dogs

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Kidney disease in dogs is life threatening, and Four Paws wants to help you prevent it anyway you can.  It’s easy to miss the warning signs if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but early diagnosis is crucial in the fight against kidney disease in dogs. By the time most side effects are noticed, nearly 75 percent of kidney …

NEW Canna Companion Product

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Canna Companion  This product is the result of 15 years of research, incorporating scientific principles, veterinary medicine and pharmacology. Canna Companion can be a holistic care addition to your dog or cats life. It is a unique blend of Cannabis sativa strains, or more commonly known as hemp. But Canna Companion is scientifically designed to enhance the medical benefits of …

Trifexis Scrutiny Continues

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We don’t mean to alarm, but always want our friends to be first and foremost informed and educated to make decision on behalf of your pets. Trifexis continues to be scrutinized, so we wanted to share this recent news story with you:

Everything Old is New Again

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By Debra Manfield, Owner A new year often signals new and exciting things. It’s a time when we look to introduce new products to the store, add new services and learn new things. But sometimes, in our haste to embrace the new, we overlook some oldies. Take for instance the Carna4 product, Flora4, brought in as a supplement.  Made from …

If You Have An Itch, Scratch It!

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By Debra Manfield, Owner Ever had an itch you couldn’t scratch? Or an itch that a scratch or two wouldn’t do? Picture your pooch or pussycat stopping mid-meal, mid-play, mid-walk, even mid-sleep to scratch, and scratch, and scratch. It’s annoying and irritating to them, and to you (don’t those jangling tags drive you nuts)! Now’s the time to figure this …