Employee Product Pick of the Month: Harness Lead

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“My Australian Shepherd’s pulling was starting to make our walks impossible and pretty unenjoyable for the both of us. The Harness Lead is so easy to put on and it applies pressure under his arm when he pulls instead of on his neck or chest. We love our new Harness Lead and can finally enjoy our walks together!” – Madison, …

Meet King, The WONDER DOG!

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Wonder dog you ask? Well, he was a wonder when we rescued him eight years ago this month from MOGS at the age of three. A gift for our son who was eight years old at the time, he quickly became the character of many “wonder”ful bedtime stories. Everything he did was hysterical as he came to us with no …

Meet Izzy

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My dog, Izzy, earlier this year was having some significant issues, getting sick in the middle of the night, and got to the point where she wasn’t enjoying food near as much as normal. According to our Vet, in addition to possible reflux issues, she may have also developed a food allergy. With the help and knowledge of Sydney Marie, we got …

Meet Kirk & Spock

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I had just turned 9 years old when my brother and I were found abandoned in an apartment. Luckily we found our way to Great Plains SPCA in Merriam and that is where my forever story begins. My brother, Spock, was already living with a nice foster family while he was receiving medical treatment for anemia. I wanted to be back …

Meet Dakota

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I adopted Dakota from MOGS (Missouri German Shepherd Rescue) in 2010. I am also a volunteer for MOGS who does home visits for the rescue. My girl is a very loving pup to all people, not so much to other animals. I have a cat, Indigo, (whom I had first) and Dakota is still obsessed with “getting” her. I have …

Meet Buffy

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Austin does a fantastic job with our dog, Buffy. He is the only person we trust with bathing our high-drive German shepherd puppy! We love the deshedding treatment and can never leave the store empty handed! Owner, Melissa Davis

Meet Rocco & Luna

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Thanks to 4 Paws for treating our 2 dogs like a king and queen. Both of our dogs came from very broken homes, and were stray dogs till we adopted them from Unleashed. When we started bringing them into Four Paws to get groomed both were very timid and afraid, yet everyone at 4 Paws treated them as their own …

Meet Stella

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Stella is a 10 month old Boston Terrier who loves to play and snuggle! Like many Boston Terriers, Stella has a sensitive digestive system and was prone to being a bit on the gassy side! Since we have started using NaturVet Digestive Enzymes as well as Primal Nuggets dog food a few months ago, we have seen a huge improvement …

Meet Eddie and Harlan

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In October of 2011 I adopted a Yorkie and Maltese they are named Eddie and Harlan. Eddie the yorkie. Was under weight and very hunched over and everyone kept telling me do you know what you got yourself into. Both Eddie and Halan would only set in a corner afraid of everything well my sister bought some homemade peanutbutter bones …