Six New Year Resolutions For You and Your Pet Cats, Collars & Leashes, Dogs, Exercise, News, Nutrition & Health, Pet Food, Uncategorized

1. Get in Shape! – enjoy a nice stroll or a light jog with your pet. Make this part of the daily routine that you share with your pet. Visit our store and we will help you find the perfect leash for walking and/or running with your dog. Having a good quality leash will make all the difference when you’re exercising outside with your pet.

2. Eat Healthier this goes right along with number one. If you and your pet are spending time together working out , eat healthy together. Find the right pet food for your pet. Our in-store experts are here to help.

3. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the moment – Spend time playing with your pet. It will make both of you happier. Visit our store to check out our toy selections.

4. Reduce stress – be a Zen dog like Walter, our CFO and meditate daily

5. Get an annual wellness exam – make sure all systems are a go! Happy is healthy!

6. Get more sleep – take a nap with your pet. Snuggle up with them and get in those zzz’s! Visit the store to find the perfect bed for your pet.