Free Pet Food Consultations! Allergies, Digestive, Nutrition & Health, Pet Food, Shedding, Weight

What’s the right food for your pet? Raw or dry? Canned or dehydrated and freeze-dried? What’s the best pet food for obesity? Should I be feeding grain free?

We get it. Too many questions. 

Four Paws Pantry understands that the proper nutrition helps pets live longer, enhances their coats, keeps their teeth clean and breath sweet, clears up skin ailments and even slows down or reverses the effects of arthritis.

Our in-store experts can actually answer your questions. As your local source, we’ll get to know your pet with just a few questions over the phone or in person. Just ask our team to help find the perfect fit for your pet’s dietary needs.

Call us at 913.782.2275 (BARK) or drop into the store for your free pet food consultation!