Local Company Spotlight: GivePet, Premium Dog Treats

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givepettreatsIt’s like the TOMS® of dog treats

In case you’re not familiar with TOMS®, it is a shoe company that donates a pair of shoes to a person in need for each pair purchased. Their slogan is “One for One.” GivePet, a local company based in Overland Park, has the same concept, but for dog treats. For every bag of treats sold, GivePet donates enough treats to shelters to share with at least ten dogs while they wait for their furever homes.

GivePet’s goal is to bring cheer to all dogs because “whether they’ve found their forever home or not, every dog deserves to feel special,” according to the company’s website. GivePet’s human owner, Chris, experienced the joy of adopting a shelter dog when he was 35 years old (or five in human years).

Knowing that a well trained dog is key to a dog’s likelihood to get adopted, he wanted to supply shelters with healthy treats to help with the training process. He wanted a way to supply shelters with the healthy treats to do so. He started GivePet as a way millions of dog owners could buy premium dog treats and help give back to the animal shelters.

GivePet’s dog treats are not only good for millions of shelters, but also they’re good for dogs. All four varieties – Breakfast All Day, Campfire Feast, Doghouse Rock and The Ranch Hand – are made from the best ingredients and are grain free. They don’t have artificial colors or preservatives or added salt and sugar. In fact, you’ll only see food you recognize on the ingredient list, like bacon, potato, carrot, bison, chickpeas, lentils, banana powder, sweet potato, salmon and egg powder to name just a few.

GivePet’s concept and delicious dog treats are such a hit that you can find them at over 300 retailers. Lucky for you, your dog and countless shelter dogs, you can buy yours right here at Four Paws Pantry & Spa.