Pest Busters

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The time is fast approaching when blood sucking parasites begin to feed on our pets. Skin problems like fleabite dermatitis can cause dogs and cats to suffer painful, itchy rashes, flaking skin and hair loss.

Take a holistic approach to battling these insects this year. There are many products to choose from like Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic supplements, cedar oil spray, Shoo! Tag, Natural Defense, ArcTick and food grade diatomaceous earth.

Shampoos containing natural substances such as rosemary, mint, lavender or cedar act as repellents because fleas detest the strong pungent odor. Repellent sprays are also available.

Have a flea comb on hand so you can continuously inspect your pets. If you see fleas or flea dirt, you’ll need to start working to rid your pet and your home of fleas and ticks.

While natural products work well with low to moderate pest populations, major infestations and exposure to high risk areas such as wooded walking trails or dog parks with tall grass can overload even a good flea and tick product. If your pet is exposed to these risks, please seek out your holistic vet for other helpful aids.