We Can’t Feed the World But…..

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logo_2-300x195As you snuggle with your favorite pooch or kitty this winter season, think about those pets that don’t have a snuggle buddy….. or shelter, or food, or basic medical care. This year we are collecting funds for The Rescue Project, a 501 (c) 3, that helps abandoned, neglected and forgotten animals in KC and surrounding areas. By providing basic survival items such as food, water and shelter, this organization not only saves lives but makes those lives more bearable.

We want to get an early start and get food and shelter out to those doggies in need. So, to kick things off, we are donating approximately 3,000 pounds of food, ten Igloo style doghouses, antlers, horns and toys for the dogs to chew and play with. We know we can count on our fabulously generous customers to donate often, and a lot during the months of December and January to help.

Please come by, say hi, and drop in a buck or two, or ten and help these deserving pets.

Learn More About The Rescue Project

If you prefer to donate supplies, view The Rescue Project’s Wish List