Meet Wrigley

Arielle West Pet of the Month Entries

wrigleyMy husband and I were beyond excited to welcome Wrigley, our Golden Retriever puppy, into our family last year. However, right from the start we noticed that he was having some rather painful and unpleasant GI symptoms that were keeping him (and us) up all night and affecting his normally happy demeanor. After multiple trips to the vet, different tests, and several rounds of medication and antibiotics, we still hadn’t found any answers or relief for Wrigley. A friend mentioned Four Paws to us and said that he only buys grain-free dog food for his dogs from there. We thought it couldn’t hurt, so we stopped by one day to take a look. We were immediately greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable staff who let us try a sample bag of the Zignature grain-free dog food, educated us on grain-free products and their benefits, and sent us home to give it a try. Within one day, Wrigley was back to his normal puppy self and his symptoms had completely subsided! It has been 9 months since we changed to Zignature and Wrigley has not had a single issue. The Zignature dog food has made our puppy (and us!) very happy, and now we only shop at Four Paws.


Kelsey Webb