Oldie but Goodie

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Continuing with our “everything old is new again” theme, I happened to try out an oldie but goodie after my Border Collie had a little stomach upset. It was sometime at night, no warning, no sound, just a very dark substance appeared on our very light carpet. My husband rose to the mess first, and cleaned up as best he could. Being an early riser sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be you know. Several large very dark stains remained and I had no products at home to clean up this kind of mess, so I shopped the store that day, trying to select the right product for the job.

planet_urinePlanet Urine was my choice, mainly because it was a powder, it had a pre-mist and it came with a brush, and I knew lots of brushing was in store for me. And, my customers rave about it! Following the instructions, the first go round wasn’t half bad, given the darkness of the stain. As directed I repeated the process again, even better! I suppose I could go round three, but no need since the stains are gone….bye bye.

So the next time your are presented with a very ugly stain on your unforgiving carpet….come in and try some Planet Urine!  It’s guaranteed or your money back, promise!