dog food storage containers

Q&A – Does it matter how pet food is stored at home?

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dog food storage containers

Does it matter how pet food is stored at home? What is the best way to store dog food?

Yes, how you store pet food at home can have an impact on its quality and safety. At 4 Paws Pantry & Spa in Olathe, we recommend using the storage bag or container that your pet food came in. Proper storage helps maintain the nutritional value of the food and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Here are some tips on how to store dog food:


Original Packaging: The original packaging of pet food is designed to protect it from light, air, and moisture. It usually has airtight seals and is made of materials that help preserve the freshness of the food. If possible, keep the food in its original packaging as the bag is stamped with the date the food is manufactured along with a lot number.  This is the information a manufacturer will need if you think something might be wrong with the food.

Airtight Containers: If you need to transfer the food to another container, use an airtight container made of food-grade plastic. This helps reduce exposure to air and humidity, which can lead to spoilage and the growth of mold.

Clean Containers: If you use containers to store pet food, make sure they are clean and free from any residual food. Wash the containers regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Cool, Dry Place: Store pet food in a cool, dry place. Exposure to heat and humidity can accelerate the deterioration of the food and may affect its nutritional content. Avoid storing it near appliances that generate heat.

Avoid Sunlight: Keep your pet food away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can degrade the quality of the food and may lead to the breakdown of certain nutrients.

Bag size: It’s best to buy the correct size bag of pet food.  You should not get more food than your dog (s) can use in 2 months.  The fats in kibble can go rancid fairly quickly once the bag is opened and air has gotten to it.  This is especially true for the more natural foods that use natural preservative.

Rotate Stock: If you buy pet food in bulk, only open 1 bag at a time. This helps the unopened bag stay fresher longer. Always check your bag’s expiration date.

Avoid Mixing Batches: If you need to add a new bag of food to an existing batch, use up the older food first before opening a new bag. Mixing old and new batches can make it challenging to manage freshness.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your dog’s food remains fresh, safe, and nutritious. Always consult the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging for specific storage instructions for the particular brand of pet food you are using. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff at 4 Paws Pantry & Spa! We look forward to helping you!