Raving about Rad Cat

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Let 2013 be the year you commit to the best nutrition for your feline family member. Even the premium natural, grain free brands contribute to dehydration cats suffer from due to lack of moisture in their diets. This in turn can cause kidney disease and bladder issues such as inflammation and stone formation from crystals that coalesce in the bladder. Additionally, extruded kibble always contains carbohydrates, read starches, which no cat requires. A heavy carb diet can lead to diabetes, weight gain, and a whole host of other issues.

Consider instead, a more species appropriate diet. As obligate carnivores, cats require a high percentage of animal protein, organ meat, fat and that’s it! Sure, you can feed them a high protein grain free canned diet, that’s a start. Canned is less processed than kibble.

Rad Cat Raw ChickenHow about trying something radical….that’s it, Rad Cat!

Cats are Raving about Rad Cat! Just ask Barb’s cat, Simon, the hunter of the pack. He was the only one of four cats in Barb’s household that was not impressed with any of our previous raw cat offerings. Barb took home samples of the Rad Cat, all varieties, and fussy Simon was not fussy anymore. Now all of her cats our meowing about Rad Cat!

Rad Cat Raw Diet is a premium quality, raw cat food diet made from the finest human-grade meat and organic ingredients. Antibiotic-free and hormone-free meats come from free-range farms.

Whole meats – Turkey and Chicken varieties contain thigh and leg meat, and the Lamb variety contains whole boneless shoulder and trim. They purchase the whole hearts and livers and grind whole muscle and organs partially frozen at the time of processing. This accomplishes two things: First, that all the muscle meat is always the rich, dark, flavorful meat that makes the food taste so good. Second, grinding at the time of processing ensures that Rad Cat will stay fresh and wholesome in your refrigerator as you serve it.