Storing Dry Pet Food

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Dogs Naturally Magazine published a very informative article about how and how not to store dry pet foods that we definitely feel is worth sharing.

To start, the expert in the article advises a bag of kibble, once opened retains the full nutritional value for TWO WEEKS, TOPS, thanks to the oxidation process.

Tips On How To Enhance The Life Of Dry Food

  1. Buy smaller bags and try to have the food consumed within 7 days ideally.
  2. Purchase kibble without the fats and add your own fresh fat sources. For example, adding fish oil to the food at the time it’s served.
  3. If you purchase larger bags, then store it in the freezer to prevent oxidization.
  4. Don’t buy bags that are torn or damaged.
  5. If your dog or cat refuses to eat the kibble, do not force them too. They may be telling you something!
  6. Do not use plastic containers to store kibble. If you must, keep the food in it’s original bag and place that bag into the plastic container.

Remember: The long-term consumption of rancid fats for pets leads to long-term health problems for pets.

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