Raw Pet Food Diets Part 2 of 3

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What is optimal nutrition for dogs and cats? Two factors that heavily influence your pet’s overall health, are genetics and environment. Top nutritional goals for your pets include low-carb, high moisture, and unprocessed. All of which are what make up raw pet food. What makes your pet sick from their food? Micro-toxins are found in grains, commonly found in your …

Canine Cancer Prevention

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More than half of all adult dogs will die from cancer. But prevention from this deadly dog disease is possible by following five simple steps. Canine cancer is caused by carcinogens that are not killed by your dogs natural gene that fights off cancerous cells. Changes to everyday household activities and pet care can help keep your pet cancer free. …

Pet Obesity Reality Check

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Pet obesity is a very serious health concern for our furry family members. Obesity can result in serious adverse health effects, such as reducing the lifespan of your pet. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), in 2014, an estimated 53 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats in the U.S. were overweight or obese. Most dogs …

New Encouraging News Regarding Rabies Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

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Results of a study performed by Kansas State University recently released are favorable for supporters and leaders of the charge against over-vaccinating pets. The study results show that most pets are protected against rabies from their initial rabies vaccinations, and that boosters are not necessary. A fact that has a big impact on how pets with out-of-date vaccinations that are …

Vaccination Guide from Dogs Naturally

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According to Dogs Naturally Magazine, 60% of vets are vaccinating more than three times more often than their associations recommend. And thousands more are vaccinating less often than that, but still more often than the associations recommend. They’ve developed a comprehensive guide to help protect your dog from over-vaccination. This guide will show you: The breakthrough research that can save your …

Storing Dry Pet Food

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Dogs Naturally Magazine published a very informative article about how and how not to store dry pet foods that we definitely feel is worth sharing. To start, the expert in the article advises a bag of kibble, once opened retains the full nutritional value for TWO WEEKS, TOPS, thanks to the oxidation process. Tips On How To Enhance The Life Of …

Steve’s Real Food

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One of the very first companies to distribute a raw meat product nationwide!  Steve’s Real Food has always been committed to quality and now they are also committed to being green, ensuring that their entire product life cycle has little impact on mother nature. Steve’s Raw Goat Milk Yogurt with Coconut flour and Chia seeds. A tasty treat packed with …

Open Farm

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A family run business that gets the best ingredients grown and raised by farmers who respect the land they call home and the animals under their care.  This ethically raised and sourced food comes in three varieties: Homestead Turkey & Chicken, Catch-of-the-Day Whitefish & Green Lentil, and Farmer’s Market Pork & Root Vegetable. Learn More About Open Farm