Raw Pet Food Diets Part 3 of 3

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Raw pet food diets have gotten a bad reputation over the years. In this final video of the 3 part series, Dr. Bleaker explains why these bad reps are unjustified.

As pet owner’s, we put a great amount of trust in our veterinarians, so if your vet doesn’t share the enthusiasm of the raw food diet change as much as Dr. Bleaker, don’t be so quick to quit.

Homemade raw food diets, and pre-determined, specified and guided raw food diets are not the same. When pet owners confuse the two, veterinarians can get frustrated and quit recommending the diet change all together.

Education on your pets current GI status, and knowledge of how to introduce a raw food diet, including raw bones, is the key to a successful and healthy transition to the food diet your pets body was designed to consume.

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